beautiful smile on brunette woman

Watch any primetime TV or big-budget movie nowadays, and you can’t escape the perfect teeth. Snow white, identically shaped, evenly placed teeth have become the norm on the big and small screen. The smiles are gorgeous! Search online and you’ll find no end to the before-and-after photos of actors, athletes, and musicians who’ve had minor and major cosmetic dentistry done. In some cases, the results are shocking.

At Desert Family Dental in Mesa, AZ, smile makeover dentist Dr. Lee  can help you realize your unforgettable smile. Call us at 480-838-4185 to reserve a smile makeover consultation today!

It’s enough to make anyone self-conscious, even if you are already confident in the knowledge that you have a perfectly clean and healthy set of teeth.

But you don’t have to be a Hollywood star to correct the things you don’t like about your teeth. And not every smile makeover needs to be worthy of the big screen. Nor does it have to be as big-budget as those Hollywood films.

There a many reasons you might want to consult with a smile makeover dentist.

  • Maybe you’ve seen a picture of yourself and noticed your teeth look different from everyone else’s?
  • Maybe you had a piece of food stuck in your teeth after lunch and saw something that surprised you when you got close to the mirror to remove it?
  • Maybe you’ve always been unhappy about your gaps or a chipped tooth, but thought “Oh well, that’s just how I look.”
  • Do you worry that small stains, cracks or alignment issues have slowly altered the look of your smile over time?

What Is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover can range from full orthodontic realignment treatments, to various whitening procedures, and anything in between. Veneers, contouring, and aesthetic reshaping can help smooth lines and even out the shape of your teeth. Anything that bothers you can probably be fixed. Click here to learn about some of the smile makeover procedures we offer at Desert Family Dental.

Keep in mind that a smile makeover doesn’t have to be drastic. There are many shades of whitening that can be achieved without leaving you feeling like an overwhelming change has taken place. Maybe your canines are just a little bit too pointy for your liking, or your two front teeth are a little bit longer than you would like. Changes can be small or subtle, and still make a big difference in the way you feel about your smile.

Ultimately, our smile is as much a part of our overall appearance as our faces and bodies. Some features are what give us our own unique look, and some we can’t seem to like, no matter how many years we’ve been trying to get used to them. Sometimes a small change to our physical appearance is all it takes to make us feel happier and more confident in the way we look.

Costs and Concerns

The good news is that a smile makeover can be a lot less expensive than other options, such as cosmetic surgery. And unlike cosmetic surgery, some smile makeovers can be performed in a shorter span of time, and without major surgery or anesthesia. If you’ve ever thought about cosmetic surgery for your face or body—even just as a daydream—you should consider whether a smile makeover might be an easy way to boost your confidence and self-image.

Take a look at your teeth today and consider whether a smile makeover might be a goal for you. If the only time you look at your teeth is when you are brushing before bed, keep in mind that toothpaste foam can hide a lot of things! Do yourself a favor and take an honest look; whatever you don’t like about your smile, Dr. Lee can explain treatment options to correct the imperfections and give you a gorgeous, confident smile.

If you are thinking it might be the right time for a smile makeover, talk to a smile makeover dentist like Dr. Lee. Call our Mesa, AZ dental office today or schedule a consultation by calling 480-838-4185.