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Exciting news! The Metro Light Rail extension is opening on August 22nd, we are a featured mesa business that is located on the light rail, making it easy for commuters to swing by for their dental appointment, then go about their day.

Metro Light Rail To Mesa

If you look at the above map, you’ll see the big red arrow showing exactly where our Mesa Dental Practice is.

We are very excited to make it even more convenient for you to keep your dental appointments during your busy days.

Our office is right at the sycamore station not even 1/4 mile. We can see the train go by from our front office!

You can read more about the light rail extension right here.

Sycamore Station

Here is more about the Sycamore Station within a stones throw of our office.

Mesa Park and Ride at Sycamore & Main Street

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate calling our office at 480-838-4185.