Why did my dentist recommend prescription fluoride toothpaste?

Can you tell me why my dentist recommended prescription fluoride toothpaste during  my most recent dental appointment?

– Linda

Dear Linda,

Not everyone needs prescription fluoride toothpaste, however it is recommended for those patients who have a high risk for tooth decay, have very sensitive teeth, or poorly formed enamel. Even though most toothpaste over the counter contain fluoride it’s not enough to protect the teeth from the conditions listed above. Toothpaste sold in stores contains about 1000 to 1100 parts per million fluoride whereas prescription fluoride contains 5000 parts per million. Research shows that those patients using a prescription fluoride toothpaste once a day reduces tooth decay by 70% as well as has the ability to reverse decay in affected teeth. The absorption of fluoride into the enamel strengthens the teeth and enables them to resist acid which is the cause of tooth decay.

Patients that have a lot of tooth sensitivity also benefit from prescription fluoride toothpaste. Teeth that become sensitive to temperature and sweet and sour foods is a sign the dentin is exposed which makes our teeth sensitive. Dentin is the tissue under the enamel and contains nerve fibers. Exposed dentin can be from tooth decay, brushing too hard, or gum recession. The fluoride in prescription toothpaste penetrates into these exposed areas of dentin therefore greatly decreasing tooth sensitivity.

If you are always getting cavities or have sensitive teeth we recommend you ask your dentist if you could benefit from prescription fluoride toothpaste. And if you do have cavities then you can ask your dentist about white fillings which are placed with advanced bonding techniques. This treatment will actually make the teeth stronger than silver amalgam fillings and they are mercury-free fillings.

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